Lighting the Future now!

Phoster Industries is an LED lighting manufacturer committed to developing innovative LED lighting solutions and bridging the divide between LED manufacturers and end-users in the commercial and residential marketplace.

Phoster Industries offers both a standard product line of LED lights and a secondary division that creates high-end custom LED lighting solutions for a wide array of architectural designers. Phoster’s patent-pending combination of optical innovations and thermal and power management solutions work together to create superior LED light engines that have been tested in real life applications with tremendous success and can now substantiate over 40,000 hours of real life actual run-time.

The Phoster team is made up of several experienced designers and engineers who have been working together since the inception of high-brightness LEDS with one common goal: to integrate this progressive lighting into cost effective, desirable standard and custom applications and products

Osram–Opto-Semiconductor Press Release


The interior of New York’s Salon Ziba has been reborn with the addition of new LED lighting, bringing soft and precise light to the posh Midtown locale. Phoster Industries’ LED lighting solutions, powered by the OSRAM Opto Semiconductors Golden Dragon LEDs, not only provide the salon with high quality light, but also deliver significant cost […]